Backers of Shenmue 3 Could Get Ryo’s Leather Jacket, New Targets Also Set for Game

Ever since Shenmue 3’s announcement during Sony’s E3 PlayStation 4 conference, the project ha been getting a lot of attention and backing on Kickstarter.

Now, the Kickstarter campaign for Shenmue 3 includes new rewards for investors, of which one is the fancy leather jacket worn by game character Ryo.

Investors who will fund around $3,000 for Shenmue 3 will receive a replica of the jacket, while one of the $10,000 backers package will give away the original jacket that was worn by Masaya Matsukaze for all of the Shenmue press events 14 years ago. The $10,000 investors could also get either a name in the credits and personal message from Yu Suzuki, or a dinner party in Japan.

Shenmue 3’s original target of around $2,000,000 was already well-surpassed just under 12 hours ago, and the project now has a new target between 4 million to 5 million dollars to fulfill bonus goals which look to expand the game’s Baisha Village and its characters

Shenmue 3 still has 28 days to go before its Kickstarter campaign closes down, which means that there is a very high possibility that it will actually surpass its bonus target as well.

Shenmue 3 is expected to be developed for the PlayStation 4 and PC after its Kickstarter campaign ends.