343 Industries is Fixing Halo 5 Multiplayer Bugs and Glitches With Help From Microsoft Research

Anybody who plays games know the dangers of finding a bug and having the session ruined, sometimes even preventing us from making anymore progress.

When it comes to Halo 5 it looks like 343 Industries are working to weed out all the erroneous issues that may hide away from normal testing and are ridding them from the game. Whether it is possible to actually provide a game bug free at release is something I’m sure we are all skeptical about.

As you can see in the video above 343 Industries use two Microsoft systems Trill and Tempe to analyse user data from Halo 5 Betas and analyse gameplay for anything that stands out as odd. 

In the video we see an example that was discovered by Trill when a certain medal was being achieved for catching weapons while launched in the air using a grenade.

This bug was then investigated by entering the game in spectator mode and watching when the medal was being awarded and this way, they figured out how it wasn’t being done as intended by the developer.

Using systems like this, bugs and glitches can be discovered and analysed and hopefully fixed, but there is always one flaw in this and that is the power of the gamers to always do the unexpected. 

When Halo 5 is finally released I’m sure the release will go perfect, but there will still be bugs to be found.

What are your thoughts on 343 Industries and their polishing of Halo 5? Let us know below!