The Division Does Not Have Proximity Voice Chat, Things Will Get Complicated

The Division does not feature any proximity voice chat, according some gameplay impressions. This means that Players will not be able to chat with others outside of their own team.

This makes things complicated as every encounter in the game between two or more groups, will most of the times end in dead bodies laying around.

Loot is a major part of gameplay and you will have to get as much as you can to stay ahead and have an advantage. However, after gathering loot your team will have to call-in a helicopter for extraction out of the Dark Zone, before you can use the loot.

Before the chopper arrives, your team will have to defend the landing zone from any possible threats. Now, if a different team is passing by without any intention of stopping you, how will you know that? How will you know they aren’t a threat?

Another issue is that it makes it really hard for two different teams to work together and act as friendlies, because you have no way to express your intentions.

The Division’s associate creative director, Julian Gerighty said:

This may be off-script, so I hope that the team doesn’t shout at me, but I’m a big fan of proximity VOIP and communication. But we found in tests that, in a living room setup, you get a lot of unwanted dogs barking, babies crying, ‘Are you coming to dinner?’ and it breaks the experience. So it’s not a technical issue, it’s a player thing

Do you agree with Julian? Or do you think proximity chat should have been added? The Division hits the market on March 8, 2016 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.