Street Fighter V PlayStation 4 Beta Sign Ups Go Live

PlayStation 4 beta sign ups are now live for Street Fighter V.

Over at the game’s official website, Capcom notes that it will be “running a large-scale online beta program” for the game. In order to enroll yourself, simply select your country from the list given and hit the red button.

It seems to be working only for PAL regions. Those residing in North America are instead asked to enroll by pre-ordering a copy of Street Fighter V from GameStop, Amazon, Best Buy, or PlayStation Network.

The page also notes that the online beta program for PC will begin this fall. Participants require to have pre-ordered the game on Steam.

Earlier this week, Sony announced during its E3 2015 press briefing that Street Fighter V will enter into an exclusive public beta for the PlayStation 4 in July.

This, however, is only Phase 1 of the beta testing program and there are three more in store. Phase 1 is going to commence from July 23, with no information for how long it will until Phase 2, which I’m assuming will feature the PC version.

Street Fighter V is scheduled for launch in March 2016.