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Star Wars: Battlefront’s Jedi Combat Is Strictly In Third-Person View

The moment when Luke and Vader appeared on screen during EA’s press-conference at E3, was probably the best moment of the day for Star Wars fans.

We were shown some exciting new gameplay footage from Star Wars: Battlefront, both in third and first person modes. Star Wars: Battlefront has been criticised for many of its aspects over the past few months, but surely not for its big Jedi combat moments.

However, while players can experience regular Star Wars action in first/third person view, Jedi combat will only be playable in third person. If you ask me, it seems to be the right way to go.

Craig McLeod, Producer on Star Wars: Battlefront explained:

It’s all third person. We had to look at it [and] it became incredibly difficult to know what’s around you, so from an accessibility point of view, and from what we know from trying different things, we really felt third person was the best experience.

First person wouldn’t have felt as awesome as seeing Vader and Luke engaging in some serious lightsaber action in third person. But not everyone may feel this way, so I think developers should have given a choice to players.

Do you think Jedi combat should be in third person mode? Or should players choose for themselves? Star Wars: Battlefront will release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in November.