PS4 Exclusive Shadow of the Beast May be a Little Too Bloody for Some

CEO of Heavy Spectrum Entertainment, Matt Birch, showed off a 16-minute video walkthrough of Shadow of the Beast remake during the game’s Live Coverage at E3 2015.

Similar to the original instalment, the game is played from a side-scrolling plane while slashing enemies appearing on left and right.

You will need to mix your attacks in order to acquire a high score considering the depth of the combat system. Speaking of the game, Birch stated the complexity of the game’s combat system:

“With the combat system, we really added all these extra layers in there. If you want to get great scores, you have to use the enemies against each other. You have to stun them, throw them into each other, and you have this blood system as well.”

You can check out the gameplay demonstration attached above for more information!

Shadow of the Beast remake was originally announced at Gamescom 2 years ago as a Playstation 4 exclusive title and has not received a release window as of this moment.