League of Legends: New Champion “The River King” Teased

Riot Games has released a considerably lengthy teaser for an upcoming new champion for its highly popular game, League of Legends.

From the name alone, you might have had various thoughts about how “The River King” would look. I doubt that any of you would have been able to imagine it being a catfish.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. I can make you a fine bargain… but you gotta be willing to pay the price.

The video above tells the story of a desperate and broken gambler, and how he ended up striking a deal with the monster.

The teaser trailer carries no clear image of the new champion, and neither does it mention any of his abilities in any way. Riot Games will probably reveal more about the character’s design in the coming week.

The teaser to “The River King” was earlier leaked by the Chinese League of Legends website. It caused Riot Games to move its schedule and release the complete trailer ahead of its intended time.