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Kingdom Hearts 3: Drive Forms are “Being Considered,” Says Tetsuya Nomura

Two things were done at E3 2015 with regards to a greatly loved franchise by Square Enix. Firstly, a mobile title, Kingdom Hearts Unchained was revealed for Android and iOS, and secondly Kingdom Hearts 3 got the much awaited world premiere at the same event.

With the trailer heating up conversations regarding the upcoming main entry in the longstanding series, many of the gameplay aspects have been talked about by developers and fans alike.

One such feature that was a part of Kingdom Hearts 2 is expected to become available in Kingdom Hearts 3 too.

We are talking about Drive Forms which the game’s producer, Tetsuya Nomura, himself talked about in a recent interview that he gave to Destructoid.

Looking at Sora you might have also wondered how it would play out if the character was to wield two keyblades to sweep out all the enemies from the floor, on the same question in relation to costume design and changing outfits, he said:

Yes. Form changes are being considered to bring back. I have enjoyed making different designs for different abilities in the past.

There is going to be a lot more that you will come to know about the game and how the characters are going to go about combating the enemies in the upcoming days. We say that because Square Enix has finally made the game go public with the world premium.

Do you think that drive forms are going to be a good feature to sought after in Kingdom Hearts 3?