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Final Fantasy VII Remake Might See Some Story Changes, Won’t Just Be A Simple Remake

During E3, Sony announced the arrival of Final Fantasy VII Remake for the PlayStation 4. It is one of the most loved installments in the franchise and as a FF fan myself, I couldn’t be happier.

What’s more exciting is that the new version will not be just a simple remake. Game Director Tetsuya Nomura spoke about the game in an interview and said we are getting more than just overhauled visuals.

Nomura said that they are making “considerable progress” with the game and we could see some possible story changes. He didn’t go into detail of what these changes may be.

We’ve announced an HD port version on the PlayStation 4, and then we have the remake coming to PS4. You’ll have this extremely, very, very pretty FFVII existing on the same plane. We feel that if that happens, it’s like, why have the same exact game?

Nomura further went on to say that we can expect a status update on the Final Fantasy VII Remake sometime in Winter 2015.

He added:

I believe we’re going to announce the official title, at least, but as for other details, we’re in the process of determining what we’re going to put out.

So I guess we will have to wait for winter to get more details about the remake. Judging by how much time they are taking to develop this title, it seems we are surely in for a treat, and as Nomura said, it looks like it really won’t just be a simple remake.