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Destiny: The Taken King Subclasses, Skills and Super Moves Explained

E3 was really exciting and brought us tons of gaming news from some of the best developers and publishers out there. One of them was Bungie who officially announced Destiny: The Taken King expansion, during Sony’s E3 press-conference.

The Taken King was rumored for a while and plenty of leaks suggested its arrival, but nothing was confirmed until E3. Now that we know it exists and is coming out, we want to know more about it.

The most interesting piece of new addition in The Taken King, is a new subclass for each character type, which brings new skills, movesets and more.

The developer gave more information on its website, explaining what new features we will be seeing.

First off, there is a Void subclass titled Nightstalker for Hunters. It comes with a super move named Shadowshot, which is an ethereal bow and uses Void Anchor to tie multiple enemies together.

This will slow them down and deprive them of their abilities, your teammate can than move forward and take them down permanently. Nightstalker is getting a grenade as well, named Voidwall grenade. It creates a wall of Void Light upon detonation.

Hunters can disorient enemies by throwing smoke and can also dodge enemy attacks quickly via an evade move.

Next up is the Titan class, which is getting a new subclass called Sunbreaker, that is a Solar moveset. Its super move is named Hammer of Sol, and is the coolest of the lot. It allows players to summon a flaming hammer to squish enemies.

A Thermite grenade is also among the new additions which, as the name suggests, throws flames in a line when detonated. Melee is named Sunstrike, which is a Solar Attack and causes notable damage to the enemy.

Lastly, we have a new skill called Firekeeper, which increases the duration of Hammer of Sol. It also gives Titans an overshield, if/when near a sunspot.

Warlock’s subclass is named Stormcaller, and it uses Arc energy. Its super move is bolt of lighting which chains between multiple enemies.

Storm grenade on the other hand brings a lighting storm in its detonation radius, while melee attack (Thunderstrike) causes damage at long range.

When you get a melee skill, the Perpetual Recharge skill will recharge grenades, while upon a grande kill it will recharge melee.