Dark Souls II: Design Works Art Book Will Release in October

Dark Souls II: Design Works is an art book that is currently being worked upon by Udon Entertainment, the company has revealed.

The tome will feature concept artworks of everything found in the game, including enemies, characters, locations and settings, equipment and items, weapons, and much more. The content will not restrict itself to the standalone title and will also span across the game’s downloadable expansion packs – The Lost Crowns trilogy.

Additionally, Udon Entertainment has revealed that Dark Souls II: Design Works will also boast an exclusive interview with the creators and designers.

The book is pegged for a release in October, but a price point has not been revealed. You can take a look at some of the sample pages from the book below.

In related news, Dark Souls III was announced at E3 2015 this week. Recent interview sessions with the series’ director, Hidetaka Miyazaki, has revealed a lot of details about the upcoming installment. You can read through about weapon stances, revamped combat, and enemies that can use abilities here.