Radeon Fury X Outperforms GTX Titan X, Leaked Benchmarks Suggest

The battle of flagship GPUs is heating up as Nvidia and AMD are going head-to-head once again. We have the Nvidia’s Titan X in green in one corner, while in red, we have AMD Radeon Fury X on the other side.

Knock-out punches are going to be exchanged but if some new leaked benchmark tests are to be believed, it seems AMD has won the fight before the match even began.

According to the benchmarks in question, we have results for 3DMark11 and 3DMark (2013) benches, courtesy of a Korean publication, who goes by the name of ITCM.co.kr.

The results show that Titan X is beaten in all of tests conducted by the testers, which should be worrying for Nvidia, as AMD’s new card costs only $650 and gives better performance.

Previous benchmarks have shown that even the GTX 980 Ti is identical to Titan X, so the question is, why should I spend $1000 on Titan X? For 12GB for VRAM that will never be fully used?

The latest benchmarks are posted below, which also measure the performance of Vanilla Fury and GTX 980 Ti.

Nvidia vs AMD

Nvidia vs AMD 1

Titan X is outperformed only if these tests are to believed, we will need more benchmarks to confidently claim that AMD Radeon Fury X is a better card than the mighty Titan X.

However, this isn’t the only leaked benchmarks we have. Just recently another one was leaked, which suggests similar performance output.

The images you’ll see in the link suggested that the Titan X is beaten when it comes to Ocean Surface Simulation and Optical Flow. However, the Titan X is much better than AMD’s new card when it comes to face detection tests.

But, driver updates for the new card may fix this problem in the future.

I don’t need to remind you that all of it may not be factually true and we are waiting for more tests to arrive. We will keep you posted so stay tuned!