Street Fighter V E3 Preview – On a Smooth, Buttery Ride to Success

Street Fighter V was available at the E3 conference following its reveal during Sony’s PlayStation 4 briefing.

It’s another release in one of the most respect fighting series in the history of the game, with fame that extends to toys, comics, spins-offs, and (mostly) god-awful movies. The core aspect of the franchise though – the games – have always remained at the highest quality, which is why it has managed to shine in every way.

At first glance, Street Fighter V seems visually very similar to its immediate predecessor. The cel-shading and cartoony graphics really brought comic-inspired life out of Street Fighter IV, and it seems to have returned.

However, as the eyes adjust to the bright colors and light shadows, you immediately notice the reduced amount of cel-shading, the increased amount of subtle textural details, yet a striking increased in the plainness of it all. The graphics are buttery smooth that emphasize simplicity instead of complexity.

What’s more pleasing on the eye is how everything seems to pop out so well. Every kick, punch, and spank is vibrantly visible, as are the impacts on the ground, the interactions between characters and their environment, and the ongoing transformations/changes in the scenery at the back.

The improved visuals are facilitated with a large set of characters, most being recognizable faces, while others are new. The mechanics of the game feel simple and intuitive, showcasing the power and success of a 3D game being played in a two dimensional field. The controls are silky smooth, and moves are easy-as-ever to learn for newcomers.

Of course, the inspiring dynamic camera is still there, panning in and out at specific angles to show close-up of certain moves. The fast-pace of the game transitions wonderfully into these near-cinematic mini-events during a certain battle, making the game feel rich and eventful.

The fact that Street Fighter V will feature cross-platform play between PlayStation 4 and PC is an added boon that will certainly be utilized by the players when it comes out. So far, just like its visuals, Street Fighter V is on a smooth buttery ride to success.

The downside? We have to wait till Spring next year to get a chance to do some Shoryukens.