PlayStation 4 Will Get Fallout 4 Mods After Xbox One

In his Fallout 4 preview our Haider Khan has regarded Fallout 4 as a diverse world with streamlined gameplay mechanics – among other things. However, there was one thing that got PlayStation 4 fans of the game wondering if they were being treated equally or not.

The feature I am talking about is the much applauded mods of the game that are going to be playable on Xbox One, a console, for the first time.

This came out at E3 2015 recently, but now we have good tidings for all the Sony fans as well.

Todd Howard, the game creator has revealed that the PC mods of the game are also going to be playable on PlayStation 4. He stated that while they were working hard to bring the mods to Xbox One, “the timetable is fuzzy” when it comes to their release on PlayStation 4.

This is in line with what was announced at E3 presentation of Micrsoft where they announced Fallout 4 mods will come first to Xbox One.

It was later clarified that the mod support meant people will be able to enjoy PC mods of the game on consoles too.

Talking off, it has also been confirmed that this will happen sometime after the game is released. Fallout 4 Creation Kit, their tool for mod creation is supposed to go live in early 2016.

The game is expected to be released on November 10, 2015 meaning we will have to wait for around for at least a quarter of a year in order to play the mods on Xbox One, and the PlayStation 4 support will come even after that.

Are you excited about getting Fallout 4 mods on your consoles?