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PlayStation 4 to be Made in Brazil to Cut Price in the Region

Looks like Sony is going to manufacture their latest gaming console, PlayStation 4, in Brazil.

Anderson Gracias, the head of PlayStation in Brazil confirmed at the E3 2015 event for Latin America that they are going to start making the console in Brazil. Here’s an excerpt from the statement that he had given:

Over the past two years, we hear what Brazilians called for gamers. They wanted a fair price for the console. And with that, we announced the domestic manufacturing.

As far as the release of these Brazil made PlayStation 4 consoles are concerned, Gracias says that they are really speeding up the process and wish that the consoles go out in the market for sale as soon as October this year!

Since the source of the news is not in English, I have had to rely on online translations, so pardon me if I miss a little bit on the exact wording.

You might be wondering what could be the reason for this; let us remind you.

Right now Brazil is selling the world’s most expensive PlayStation 4 – it was launched for $1850 in the country! It appears that Sony has tried but failed to cut down the price and apparently, this is the only way to reduce it.

In Brazil, Flextronics is going to be make the consoles for Sony. They advantage from this because the said company is based in the Manaus Free Trade Zone where government policies make it possible to manufacture products for cheaper costs.

Gracias did not reveal what price tag they are targeting, but it is expected to be much lower than the current price at least.