New Just Cause 3 Gameplay Is All About Destruction, Stunts and Wingsuit

Destruction, mayhem and crazy physics – this is Just Cause 3.

There is a new 11-minute gameplay footage now available, that shows just how destructive and crazy this game and its lead character (Rico) can be.

Players can take down bridges, petrol pumps, cars, building you name it and it can be destroyed.

The most useful piece of equipment Nico has is his grapple-hook. It allows him boost himself in the air high enough to use the wingsuit.

The fluidity was an integral part of the grapple-hook feature, so developers added an additional 5,200 animations for Rico.

Grapple-hook combined with the wingsuit helps Nico pull himself along the world seamlessly. You’ll notice that Nico is able to grapple anything from cars to buildings, meaning you can go on as far as you want using the wingsuit.

If you prefer driving over flying, then developers have added over 80 cars in Just Cause 3. Creative players can use these cars to create unique designs in the sunflower fields.

In the later part of the video, we are shown Nico’s epic destruction of a massive bridge in order to take down a military convoy.

Just Cause 3 and all of its craziness is heading our way on December 1st for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.