Forza 6 E3 Preview – Attempting to Perfect an Already Perfect Racing Franchise

We gamers often demand for perfection, but the true reality of perfection in games is that it leaves very little to fiddle or enhance in future reiterations.

That’s the issue Forza 6 is facing right now. The Forza series has been the epitome of racing simulation, and the past few years as taken over Gran Turismo with its intense gameplay, realistic engine, and ridiculous amount of cars & tracks.

Forza 6 was revealed at the E3 during Microsoft’s Xbox One conference in spectacular fashion. After a brief history of the Ford GT 5, we saw the wonderful car descend on a suspended platform, followed by the arrival of Henry Ford III and the Forza representative.

It was a fine introduction of the title, but the true test for Turn 10 will be to make a game that betters its predecessors. We don’t envy Turn 10 for this very reason, because Forza Horizon 2 and pretty much every other Forza game have been a huge success, and have delivered everything required from a racing simulator.

The weather engine of Forza Horizon 2 will transition over to Forza 6, but its implementation will be even larger. The dynamic system will result in puddles of mud lying across the tracks, and skidding/sliding over them could mean losing control of your vehicle.

What’s truly mindboggling is that the accumulation of these puddles is accurately determined based on the imperfections of the featured tracks in real life. That, combined with the variations in performance & control of around 560 cars will make racing on Forza 6 become not just more complex, but a more complete experience.

There is also an inclusion of the much-requested night-time tracks, and Forza 6 adopts all the tracks that were featured in Forza 5, including the ones in DLC. Of course, there are plenty of new tracks as well, meaning players have to spend an insane amount of time if they plan to master multiple tracks, that too in varying weather conditions.

Forza 6 in a poetic way was right to use the Ford GT is the promotional car. Ford’s GT is an example of how a perfect system can actually be perfected even further, and Turn 10 will attempt to use the inspiration from it to make Forza 6 a racing simulator that will look, feel, and give a better experience than its predecessor.