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Everything You Get in Forza 6 Standard, Deluxe, Ultimate Editions Listed

Forza 6 was unveiled at E3 2015 recently and it has a lot of options for you in terms of game editions that you can buy. So we thought it would be a good idea to list down everything that you are going to get in the game.

No matter which edition of Forza 6 you buy, these three items will be in the pack as long as you have preordered the game:

  • Forza Horizon 2 DLC packs namely Duracell and Alpinestars
  • Ten Year Anniversary Car Pack which brings you a total of 10 Cars
  • 2015 Mazda Miata which looks like a digital exclusive car

That being said, there are three different editions of the game that are going to be up for grabs once the game is released.

The first one on the list is Standard Edition which is to be sold for the regular price of AAA titles i.e. $59.99. Then there is the Deluxe Edition which brings you VIP Membership for the game as well as Forza 6 Fast & Furious Car Pack that you are going to get on release day for a little higher price of $79.99.

Lastly, we have the ultimate edition that is priced at $99.99. Since it is the best you can get, it include a little extra for the moolah you spend.

To start off, you get Early Access for 5 Days, then there is the Forza 6 Car Pass that brings you 6 different packs, a VIP Membership for the game and lastly the same Fast & Furious Car Pack that the Deluxe Edition has.

Do you think the game offers good vale for money?