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E3 2015 PC Gaming Show Roundup: Star Citizen, Total War, AMD, Blizzard, and More

Despite the fact that E3 2015 PC Gaming Show was not at par with other Press Briefings, it was not at all a bad one. In case you missed the show, you have come to the right place.

We have broken down all the happenings of E3 2015 PC Gaming Show so you do not miss out on a single thing:

First off, there is a new DLC coming to TripWire Interactive Early Access title, Killing Floor; it is a bloody business with a lot of explosions, gore, and incinerations.

Next up the CEO and Creative Director of Cloud Imperium Games updated eager fans on Star Citizen progress and outlined some of the changes being made to the project.

One of the major sponsors of the show, AMD took on the stage to talk about the challenges faced by developers and also showcased AMD Radeon R9 390, AMD Radeon R7 360, Nitro Sapphire R9, and the Asus Radeon R9 390X. And then there was dual-Fiji-GPU and a 16 Teraflop gaming system.

Jean-François Dugas and Jonathan Jacques-BelletĂȘte from Eidos-Montreal appeared to show a tech demo of the Dawn Engine which powers up the upcoming Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and how tiny details it manages to create.

Although we did not receive a release date, but Creative Assembly did speak about the upcoming Total War: Warhammer and showed off a trailer detailing the 15 years of the Total War franchise.

Phil Spencer talked about how Microsoft supports PC Gamers and wants to bridge the distance between Xbox One and PCs. The company showed off Windows 10 and announced that Gigantic, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, and Fable: Legends are coming to PCs as well as Xbox One.

American Truck Simulator received a new trailer along a new website – it was good to see a game which has been in the reports since 2013.

CCP Games talked about the challenges faced while creating a game for a new technology and talked about the games made specifically for VR. Dean Hall also appeared and talked about his upcoming project dubbed Ion.

Strafe received another gameplay demonstration where enemies, environments, and weapons were discussed – the game is shaping up pretty nicely! The popular game, Pillars of Eternity is also receiving a new expansion: White March I.

In addition to Pillars of Eternity, Guild Wars 2: Hearth of Thorns is also receiving more content as confirmed by ArenaNet Game Director, Colin Johanson.

Hitman also made an appearance during the show, but it contained nothing that we did not know already! Bohemia revealed a new terrain for Arma III called Tanoa which is going to be a real game changer for the fans.

In addition to this, we also saw brief snippets of SOMA, Beyond Eyes, Planet Coaster, Dirty Bomb, Tacoma, Take on Mars, Project Bluestreak, and Enter the Gungeon.

Blizzard showed off a trailer for the first expansion for Heroes of the Storm called Eternal Conflict which is scheduled to roll out on Jun. 30, 2015. Moreover, new Starcraft II content is on the way dubbed Whispers of Oblivion.

The show was closed by No Man’s Sky developer who revealed that the game is coming to Playstation 4 and PC at the same time.