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Dark Souls 3 Features Weapon Stances, Faster Combat, and Unpredictable Enemies

New information has been provided for Dark Souls 3, courtesy of the famed director of the Souls series, Hidetaka Miyazaki. The following details come from both an interview Miyazaki did with Famitsu and a demo showcased at E3 2015 behind closed doors.

Dark Souls 3 follows the resurrection of the “Lord of Cinder” and the Dark Hero trying to defeat him. Miyazaki teased that it will be open for speculation as to whether there is any connection between the Lord of Cinder and the previous two Dark Souls games.

Throughout the game, players will come across gravestones of fallen knights. Lighting these will allow them to read the epitaphs and know more about the game’s lore. Similar to Dark Souls, the new world will be fully explorable and interactive. Miyazaki said that he has personally taken over the world design.

The game will be running at 30 frames-per-second. It wasn’t clarified whether the frame-lock will carry forward to the PC version as well or not. We’re assuming that it will.

The combat is going to be more quicker in pace compared to previous games and will bring new action and tactical elements “that contribute to the sense of role-playing.”

Some weapons will introduce difference “stances” that in turn allow for more powerful attacks. As an example, the Straight Sword has a “Ready Stance” that will have the player grip the sword with both hands, putting away his shield. Attacks in this form will break any guards put up by enemies.

Certain weapons can be dual wielded, like the “Legion Scimitars.” Utilizing a skill called “Spin,” players will be able to perform a mini blade tornado with both weapons equipped to take on multiple enemies at once.

Bows have been tweaked to be more effective in close range combat. According to the director, they will now fire quickly and in some cases, nearly instantaneous. The Long Bow, however, will have a longer draw, but will hit harder than ever.

An important thing to know is that enemies will also be able to use Skills and Stances, making the combat more unpredictable than ever.

Dark Souls 3 will feature an improved version of Dark Souls 2’s upgrade system. The improvements were, however, not mentioned.

Cooperative and PvP modes are going to return. Players will be able to summon one another as they have been doing in previous titles.

At its core, Dark Souls 3 looks to be taking the best bits from previous series’ installments. From the demo, many of the foes and settings shown were reminiscent of the first Dark Souls game. The art style looks similar to Bloodborne, and while Miyazaki dodged the question, it’s likely that Dark Souls 3 uses the same engine and even shares some of the same assets.

Dark Souls 3 is in development for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, with a release date of “early 2016.”

Source Fextralife, Gematsu