Yo-Kai Watch Launches for 3DS in North America This Holiday Season

Yo-Kai Watch will launch for the 3DS in North America this holiday season and then head for Europe next year, Nintendo has announced during its E3 2015 digital presentation.

Yo-Kai Watch was first launched in Japan a couple of years back, and since then has followed up with two sequels, as well as manga and anime adaptations. Everything, though, has been restricted to the Japanese region.

This will be the first time that western players are able to experience a Yo-Kai Watch game. The plot involves a young boy who can see and befriend Yo-Kai using a special timepiece. These beings come in different forms, sometimes possessing various abilities to use in combat.

In related news, Yo-Kai Watch 3 was announced by developer Level-5 just two months back and ironically is set in America. Not much was revealed about the third installment, except that it will feature Inaho Misora, a new heroine, who will accompany Keita.