World of Final Fantasy Has Adorable Characters, Releases in 2016

Sony is currently holding their E3 2015 press conference and in the middle of different old and new titles they have also announced a new installment in the Final Fantasy series.

The game, which they showed off moments ago, is titled World of Final Fantasy and among a lot of other things, the game world is pretty adorable to say the least.

For now, they did not share any gameplay details for World of Final Fantasy but told us that it is going to be about two siblings that embark on an adventure like never before.

The Heroes and villains that have been shown off at the press conference were pretty cute to be honest, even the villains that are so many times larger than your round edged characters.

That being said, Sony is definitely going to share more on the game in the coming days. If you watched the trailer and liked what you saw, you will soon be filled in with more details on World of Final Fantasy.

Keep checking back with us for more information on the title in the coming days and do share your opinions regarding the title in the comments section below. We will be looking forward to hear from you!