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Uncharted 4 E3 Preview – A Wild Ride by Naughty Dog That Stuns the Crowds

Sony had an extremely strong and convincing E3 press conference yesterday, with plenty of noteworthy highlights that extracted the “Ooh’s and Ah’s” from the audience. Sony indeed succeed in playing all viewers like a finely tuned instrument with their revelations, but they certainly left the best for the last.

An odd pirate statue flanked the Naughty Dog logo as the camera panned towards Nathan Drake and Sully, while they desperately try to open a massive cryptic stone door, only to reveal a rather populated village.

Unfortunately, the entire demo restarted accidentally shortly afterwards, which was a boo-boo from Sony, but it was soon forgotten once the real mayhem started. Uncharted 4 once again made a strong case of why Naughty Dog is such a powerhouse when it comes to making groundbreaking titles.

What was seeming like a smooth exploration drip by Nathan and Sully soon turned into an action-packed shooting scenario. Deep down everyone felt a faint fear that Naughty Dog may have for once in their illustrious history slipped and converted Uncharted series into a monotonous shooter, but that faint fear was soon replaced by joy as the signature Pitfall-styled jumping and maneuvering about combined with the heavily detailed shooting scenes.

It was a pure joy to watch, and a real show of what makes a great game. There was action, there was intensity, but there was also control and balance in everything that was going on. When Nathan Drake wasn’t shooting, he was running and jumping on walls, which then smoothly transitioned to a bit of more shooting.

All that continued on till Sully and Nathan jumped into a jeep that led to spectacular car-chase scenario, causing mayhem in the village and destroying businesses of vegetable sellers in the process. It was a fine display of the convincing driving mechanics introduced in Uncharted 4 as the car skidded and turned on the downhill zigzag road, only to have the chasers finally give up.

Shortly after, it was Nathan Drake doing the chasing after a convey, and like throughout the entire demo, the game smoothly transitioned from one style of gameplay to another, this time from driving to typical Nathan Drake styled crazy maneuvers that involved grappling hooks and being suspended on a rope.

Uncharted 4’s trailier was impressive, and it was the perfect summing of Sony’s press conference. It’s such demonstrations that make me whether Sony would still be such a dominant force had Naughty Dog not existed. Eventually, both Sony and us fans have a lot to thank them for such amazing titles.