Street Fighter V Enters Beta on PS4 in July, Cammy and Birdie Announced

Street Fighter V will enter into an exclusive public beta for the PlayStation 4 in July, Sony announced during its E3 2015 press briefing.

This, however, is only Phase 1 of the beta testing program and there are three more in store. Phase 1 is going to commence from July 23 and PlayStation 4 players interested in trying out Street Fighter V earlier than everyone else, should head over to StreetFighter right now and register themselves.

Information on the rest of the two Phases was not shared. PC players, however, have nothing to be disappointed about. Beta testing is to gather feedback for the online features and gameplay experience. I assume that the Windows version will get its beta participation with Phase 2 and with Phase 3, both platforms will merge for cross-play.

In addition to the beta announcement, a trailer shown also confirmed the addition of two new fighters: Cammy and Birdie. The video only showed a few glimpses of both characters. While many would be already familiar with the fighting style of Cammy, Birdie is perhaps not that fresh of a character. He last appeared in Street Fighter Alpha 3 in the late 90s after all.

Capcom should be unveiling each of these characters in dedicated videos in the coming weeks.

Street Fighter V is scheduled for launch in March 2016.