Star Wars Battlefront Certainly Exceeded All Expectations in E3 2015

“Wow!” That simple expressive word was on everyone’s tongue towards the end of EA’s E3 conference yesterday. It wasn’t FIFA 16 that impressed or, nor was it the reveal trailer for Mass Effect Andromeda. It was, as expected, Star Wars: Battlefront.

I’ll be honest with you, I was skeptical of how awesome Star Wars: Battlefront could get. To me, it was basically a Battlefield game being played by a bunch of Stormtroopers and Rebels. However, the E3 demo shown by EA completely blew me and pretty much everyone away.

The classic music, the flashy explosions, the intensity and thrill of high-speed battles, not to mention the brilliant graphics – Star Wars: Battlefront showed a detailed demo of what it is meant to be, yet because of its intensity and hypnotic powers, it felt too short.

This year is the year of Star Wars, and many fans were anxiously anticipating some kind of expansive demo of Battlefront. What we didn’t expect was to experience a shooter Star Wars game that could manage to successfully emulate everything Star Wars as a franchise stood for. The laser weapons seemed synced the movies to perfection.

The music was signature Star Wars, the sound effects reminding us of our childhood, quenching our nostalgias and sending shivers down our spines. Alongside the HoloLens demo, it was easily the most impressive part of the E3 set of conferences yesterday. The battle we saw was set in an icy, uneven and open terrain, and the initial bit of gameplay had Battlefield written all over it.

However, the moment the Imperial Walker and a set of X-wings started to domainate the scenery, we knew this was epic sci-fi battling at its fine. The foot-infantry battles were intense, the X-wing chases were fantastically smooth and signature Star Wars – the entire battle was so streamlined that you could mistake it for a Star Wars movie itself.

Of course, the best was left for last, as in a sudden turn of events, the heavy breathing and sinister appearance of our favorite super-villain Darth Vader overshadowed everything. He strangled a player with the Force, and just when it seemed all is lost, the Rebel’s counter-champion appeared as well, in the form of franchise protagonist Luke Skywalker.

Our beloved Jedi hero chopped up a few Stormtroopers with his lightsaber, and sent others flying with the Force only to be locked in a saber duel with his dark father as the trailer came to a stunning end.

The demo certainly got me on the Star Wars: Battlefront bandwagon, and I can’t wait for the game to be released this November for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.