Star Fox Zero Heading to Wii U In Holiday 2015

Nintendo’s E3 event has Kicked-off and the fist game to be announced is non-other than the rumored Star Fox game for Wii U.

The game is called Star Fox Zero and is heading to Nintendo’s platform. The console’s gamepad will play an important role in gameplay.

The gamepad will allow players to have a cockpit view and aim to shoot at enemy aircrafts. Meanwhile, players will have a third person view of the aircraft on their television screens.

The game footage shown during the event showcased a combination of some classic on-rails environments we saw in previous games.

For instance, we saw Corneria from Star Fox 64 but also we were also shown some new areas as well. Miyamoto spoke about the game and said:

We’ve re-built the game using ideas from the past, but this is not a part 4 or 5. It’s not a remake either.

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