No Man’s Sky Shows Off its Insanely Impressive Scale in E3 2015

No Man’s Sky was once again impressive at Sony’s E3 conference today with its brilliant concept and design, but this is the first time we truly got to see the depth of the game.

Just when everyone thought that the galaxy exploring title couldn’t get any bigger, it just did. No Man’s Sky’s universe is vast – nearly infinite actually, and each and every tiny spec of light (when zoomed out) is a star with its own unique solar system.

Furthermore, each solar system has its own set of planets, and each planet has its own ecology and habitats. What’s more is that there are tons of systems in which there are faction wars being fought, and you can always opt to take sides, or just go on to explore a completely new system if you feel bored.

Co-creator Sean Murray showed off the vatness of No Man’s Sky, but he also showed us how exploring unknown regions can be dangerous, as he landed on a remote planet that happened to be guarded by sentinels – huge unmanned robots that serve the purpose of annihilating explorers like yourself.

No Man’s Sky still hasn’t gotten a release date, but Murray did promise that one will be made public very soon.