New Nier Title Announced for PS4 at Square Enix E3 2015 Presentation

The E3 2015 press conference of Square Enix kicked off with Just Cause 3 and that did a lot to impress the audience. However, the next title didn’t fall short.

There is a new Nier title in the works and the list of veterans who are working on it is super massive.

Yosuke Saito took to the stage with the reveal of the game who also Saito is also the game producer while Yoko Taro is the game director.

The new Nier title is probably going to be a sequel to the last title which came out in April 2010. While the last game was made by Cavito, this one is being developed by Platinum Games.

Sadly, there isn’t much to share about it now, even the official full name of the title has not been established by Square Enix or Platinum Games.

The short footage shown by the developers also featured what looked like concept art images and nothing more.

We will be writing on the new Nier title more in the coming days.