Metroid Prime Federation Force for 3DS Releases in 2016

At their E3 2015 press conference, Nintendo has been exactly what we expect them to be. The event started with puppets of Fils-Aime, Miyamoto and Iwata and things got pretty hilarious.

However, they have some serious announcements to make and one of those was about Nintendo 3DS exclusive title Metroid Prime Federation Force.

This is a new Metroid Prime game which brings you cooperative multiplayer as well as minigames in the form of a 3v3 multiplayer mode titled Blast Ball.

Other than this, from the trailer we were shown we can tell you that there will be four player cooperative play where you and your aides take on an alien planet. A couple of soldiers were also shown but not their faces, so I guess we will hear more on them later.

It is interesting that Nintendo has finally decided to give some attention to the somewhat neglected franchise after around eight years.

Metroid Prime Federation Force is scheduled for release on Nintendo 3DS in 2016. So far they have not told us about the exact release date of the game, but it is expected we will hear more about it soon enough.