Kingdom Hearts 3 Received its World Premiere at Square Enix E3 Briefing

Square Enix surprised all Kingdom Hearts fans with the World Premiere of the long-awaited Kingdom Hearts 3 at its E3 2015 Press Briefing.

The gameplay demonstration that we witnessed showed off Sora voyaging across a number of landscapes with his ever faithful Keyblade. I also could not help noticing that at one point Sora’s sword evolved into a couple of pistols and dual-wielded swords.

In addition to this, the studio also confirmed that the game will feature a level based on Tangled from Disney. The footage also showed off one of the Titans from Hercules, an familiar location that looks strikingly like Agrabah.

As far as the game’s story goes, not much details were divulged, but we did see Riku speaking something about The Keyblade War over a chess board!

You can check out the gameplay trailer made up entirely of in-game footage attached above!

Although the game is described as being ‘New in Development’, but seeing the footage it appears to be shaping up quite nicely! Kingdom Hearts 3 is scheduled to arrive on Xbox One and Playstation 4 at an undisclosed release date!

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