Horizon Zero Dawn Announced by Guerrilla Games as PS4 Exclusive

Hermen Hulst of Guerrilla Games took to the center stage at the E3 2015 press conference of Sony to reveal a brand new IP of their own.

The game is called Horizon Zero Dawn and it is a PlayStation 4 exclusive title that you would want to know about.

As far as the game’s setting is concerned, civilization faded away and was replaced by a new life; from the looks of it, this is going to be about nature and its impact on the world after all technology – as we know it – is gone.

However, that technology has been replaced by new foes that look mechanical animal in all shapes and sizes like dinosaurs.

What’s interesting about Horizon Zero Dawn is that you are up against mechanical dinosaurs but the only types of weapons shown in the gameplay footage were arrows.

Talking of, the footage that was shown at the E3 2015 conference has apparently been captured directly from a PlayStation 4.

Guerrilla Games has not revealed when Horizon Zero Dawn in going to be released, but we will keep you informed on that front.

Did you check out the gameplay video? Tell us if you liked the idea of the game or not.