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Fallout 4 E3 Preview – A Diverse World with Streamlined Gameplay Mechanics

The long awaited reveal of Fallout 4 finally arrive the day before yesterday, when Bethesda revealed its RPG game to the world during their E3 2015 conference.

What makes Bethesda such a great company is that they know what to give to users, and users always demand gameplay footage over exaggerated CGI trailers. Bethesda prepared for the conference with this in mind, and blew everyone away.

We not only got to see the initial bit of gameplay, but also a wide array of customization options that set this post-apocalyptic game apart from its predecessor. Fallout 4 contains an insane amount of weapon and armor customizations, with over 700 weapon mods, meaning you could make your weapon look and function the exact way you want.

In addition, Bethesda also showed off the building mode of Fallout 4. The game gives itself distinction by giving players the options to build on the go from anything and everything in the environment. Take a look at the demonstration of this unique feature here.

That’s all cool, but it doesn’t count for much if the gameplay isn’t streamlined and enjoyable, right? We saw a detailed demonstration of what Fallout 4 is exactly about, and it was most impressive. My major criticism of the previous game was its lackluster shooting and general mechanics, which felt underwhelming and unconvincing for the most part.

Bethesda has recognized those flaws, and from the gameplay demo, it seems that Fallout 4 has excellent controls, combat system, and gameplay mechanics both in first-person view as well as third-person.

Fluidity of the mechanics allow you to play it like a conventional shooter, in which case it is reminiscent of BioShock. Of course, you have the extra advantage of the tactical Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System (VATS).

Thankfully, VATS has been greatly enhanced, and feels like an alternative to conventional shooting instead of a substitute for poor gameplay mechanics (which was the case in Fallout 3 and Vegas). The greatly enhanced engine gives the game much required robustness that makes it more enjoyable for a shooter fan who has a soft-spot for RPG games (me).

The game’s narrative is also rich, with tens of thousands of dialogues (this time thankfully being spoken out by the protagonist), and a large set of NPCs to bring out the life in a harsh and unforgiving decimated world.

Fallout 4 releases for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC this on November 10. The Xbox One version will also have the ability to support mods made on the PC, though that feature is expected to be available sometime next year.