Unravel is an Amazing Indie Game, E3 Trailer Inside

EA is currently swaying the crowds to a soundtrack that a Plants vs. Zombies character is singing, but just before that they revealed an amazing indie game that has been developed by just 13 guys called Unravel.

Martin Sahlin the creative director of Unravel took to the E3 2015 stage during Electronic Arts’ presentation where this amazing new title was revealed.

To be honest, they did not share exactly what the journey is about but they did share enough to tell us that it is going to be pretty emotional if you understand what the developers think of it.

Sahlin believes that it is much about life, where you leave tangles behind sometimes. In Unravel they do the same with a character made of red yarn. Wherever the character goes it leaves the yarn thread.

In the trailer that was shown to us at E3 2015, Unravel didn’t stop at anything less than impressive.

The game’s style is good, colorful and really, really soulful.

I am really looking forward to see what the game has to offer to us, but sadly that is all we got out of the Electronic Arts’ presentation.

However, we suggest that you keep checking back for more details on the title.