The Division Takes Us to the Dark Zone, Releases March 2016

The Division is going to officially release on March 8 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, Ubisoft announced during its E3 2015 media briefing.

Accompanying that announcement was a brand new gameplay trailer to show us a probable scenario where two groups of players accidentally come across one another in the game’s open world.

The action takes place in the “Dark Zone,” a contaminated area set in the heart of Manhattan.

In the online mode of The Division, survivability is always the first priority of every player. Strangers can be accepted as allies in order to work together for a mutual goal, or they can be dealt with to secure a hold on a claim, or perhaps alliances can be broken once that goal has been met. That’s all relative to human nature, and it can and will happen in The Division.

The gameplay footage showed how two teams decided at first on working together to help secure a crate of loot. During extraction, though, one team decided on betraying the other so as to take their loot as well. The overly dramatic trailer ended with a player on the same team, double crossing his own team mates and walking away with everyone’s loot.