Robinson The Journey is Crytek’s New Virtual Reality Title

With products like Oculus Rift, HoloLens and Project Morpheus bringing about impressive changes to how we look at the field of virtual reality, it was inevitable that videogames will also experience a change.

Another such example is a new game that Crytek is developing named Robinson The Journey.

While we don’t know which platforms it will release to – or the exact release dates – we do know that it is a virtual reality based game that follows the story of a boy who crash lands on an unknown mystery planet.

Director of Production at Crytek, David Bowman believes that the game in question is actually transforming how they look at videogame development which, for them, has always been about creating realistic and believable worlds:

Ever since Crytek was founded, we have been striving to build the most realistic, believable worlds we possibly can for players. Today’s VR technologies are enabling us to bring together CRYENGINE’s capabilities and our legacy in creating immersive gaming experiences like never before. The time we’re spending in Robinson: The Journey as we develop it is transforming the way we think about games, and we can’t wait until everyone has the chance to set foot in this universe for themselves.

Crytek boasts of “freedom to explore their surroundings in 360 degrees of detail” as well as incredible secrets and interactions with the mysterious ecosystem of the planet.

Sadly, the developers have not shared much about Robinson The Journey so far, except for everything we have already discussed, the fact that it is being made on CryEngine and the image shared above.

Oh and here’s the official website of the game.

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