Need For Speed Unveiled at E3, Coming November 3

Need for Speed has finally been unveiled by EA, during its E3 press-conference, which is underway as we speak. The game is being build on the Frostbite Engine and features a world twice as big as Rivals.

EA took a break from Need for Speed and didn’t release an installment in 2014. From the looks of the game so far, it seems the idea of taking a break has paid off.

The original Need for Speed: Most Wanted is one of the best installments in the series, and the newly unveiled title has its roots there.

Players will have to build their reputation by winning races, that will get them noticed in the underground racing world of Ventura Bay.

Car customization is back and EA is promising the most in-depth customization tools seen in an NFS game to date.

The only thing weird is the drift camera angle, which zooms-in close to the car blocking the player’s view of the road, while in the middle of a drift.

Stay-tuned for more.

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