Microsoft’s New Xbox One Elite Controller Brings a Ton of Customization Values

Microsoft has announced the Xbox One Elite Controller during its E3 2015 media briefing, a wireless design that focuses heavily on customization, usability, and precision.

The company has seemingly lifted entire pages from third-party peripherals, giving users no other reason to now search elsewhere for additional features.

The word ‘features’ is perhaps putting it mildly. Microsoft’s new controller has pretty much everything a gamer would ask for, even more. Xbox boss Phil Spencer called it as “an elite controller for the elite gamer.”

The Xbox One Elite Controller is going to bring four “paddle” buttons on the back to replace the otherwise normal variants. These are easily reachable by the middle and ring fingers, ensuring that players keep their thumbs on the sticks at all times.

The D-Pad has been redesigned for new visual aesthetics, with much better precision and accuracy. The thumbstick sensitivity has been improved with the additional option to tinker with minimum/maximum levels for the controller’s top triggers. We have also been promised hair-trigger locks.

A most important feature of the new controller is that every component is swappable. Users can pretty much redesign the entire thing in accordance with their taste and/or needs. Additionally, players can easily remap every button according to their own play-style.

This really is an ultimate peripheral.

The Xbox One Elite Controller will release later this year for both the Xbox One and Windows 10. A price has not been revealed.