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EA E3 Press Conference Round Up: Mass Effect Andromeda, Need for Speed, SWTOR, NBA 16, FIFA 16, Star Wars: Battlefront and More!

EA’s press conference at the E3 2015 had a strong start and an excellent ending, but it was the in-between stuff that left us desiring for more. Here’s a round of everything that happened, in case you missed it.

The conference kicked off with none other than BioWare’s Mass Effect. We called it Mass Effect 4 for the longest time, but it turns out that the next installment in the successful action-RPG franchise is set in the galaxy Andromeda.

Mass Effect Andromeda has been confirmed to arrive next year during the holiday season, which means it’s far from complete. The teaser trailer was exciting, but we’d love to see some gameplay footage next time the title is mentioned.

Next up was Need for Speed, with no suffixes or subtitles of any kind. The upcoming NFS will feature breakthrough customization options that were never-before seen in any previous game in the franchise. What’s more is that it’ll go back to the illegal street racing, all with cops, style, and hip-hop songs playing in the back.

Basically, this Need for Speed will take influence from Most Wanted, Underground, and every other major Need for Speed sub-series that has come around.

Star Wars was almost certain to feature in some way or the other, but it was Star Wars: The Old Republic that came up first. BioWare announced an all new expansion called Knights of the Fallen Empire, a deep story-focused expansion that will be available for free to all subscribers.

What came next was in the form of the heart-warming Unravel, as its Swedish developer Martin Sahlin anxiously took stage of E3 for the first time in his life. He presented his simple yet elegant idea that is metaphoric for life, and one could not help but feel the sentiments of its creator as the mesmerizing gameplay footage played on the big screen. It was certainly worthy of the applause it got.

EA moved from the sentimental Unravel to the non-serious Plant vs. Zombies – Garden Warfare 2, detailing new features, which mainly include the players playing the zombies, and the Plants being on the offensive for the first time in the series.

Next up was the reveal for NHL 16 and NBA 16. The sports section left a lot to be desired, simply because it is reiterated every year at the E3. EA Sports really needs to come up with something that makes it more memorable.

The Sports section was broken up in between by Minion’s Paradise – a fun little game that features the ever-loved Despicable Me minions. EA quickly though returned to its sports games, and the next objective was to introduce FIFA 16.

This is where EA pretty much failed badly. In an attempt to woo and impress the audience, EA invited football legend Pele on to the stage. What could’ve been a fantastic way to advertise FIFA 16 turned into an interview that encouraged Pele to his bragging rights about his achievements of the past, and for a few minutes it felt like I was watching some age-old ESPN legends episode instead of a conference about games.

After what seemed like an eternity, Pele finally left the stage, and it was only after his departure that FIFA 16 was mentioned and finally talked about in full length.

FIFA 16 should’ve marked the end of what was a poor showing as far as the sports game are concerned, but it wasn’t quite so. The announcement of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst acted as a much-needed refreshment though, as we saw some pretty neat visuals and in-game action of the origin story of the game’s protagonist Faith.

The final point of EA Sports was the detail reveals of Madden 16, with a demo of how the Draft Champions system works, along with some tweaks and additions to the aerial play of the game.

After a good 40 minutes of very average presentations, EA finally came to the big deal: Star Wars Battlefront. Thankfully, they did not disappoint, and it was easily the high point of the entire conference. The gameplay demo was both fantastic and immersive and for once Star Wars: Battlefront certainly looked like a game that would live to its hype. It was a fitting way to end an otherwise disappointing conference.

EA’s press conference was below par, with the highest point being the fantastic demo of Star Wars: Battlefront. The lowest point was, believe or not, the introduction of Pele, and the whole 5-10 minutes (felt like forever) of bragging and talk of everything other than games. Hopefully, the rest of the conferences aren’t as underwhelming.