DOOM Multiplayer and SnapMap Level Editor Confirmed at E3 2015

Bethesda took to the biggest show floor in the gaming industry for the first time this year at E3 2015.

The first thing they did after getting there was reveal the official gameplay for DOOM but that was not all they had to share for the much awaited genre defining FPS!

Based on what the PR head of ID Software had to say about it, the game is also going to feature online multiplayer.

More details will follow about DOOM multiplayer later but we do have a few things to go on. You can expect a huge arsenal of weapons, double jumps and verticality! Just what you would want from a good FPS, but with the good old demons as your foes.

Moving on, you are looking at a Co-op that is going to pit you against waves of enemies that keep getting stronger – and his comes in a number of game modes including a four player one.

Last but not the least, Bethesda also announced a new level editor that DOOM is going to bring you. It is called SnapMap, and it brings you in-game tools, customizable maps, customizable game modes and a lot more.

Of course you will get to share your creations with your friends too!

Keep checking back for more.