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DOOM: Executions, No ADS, Verticality, No Automatic HP Regeneration

Bethesda opened their first-ever Electronic Entertainment Expo with a heavy dosage of its upcoming first-person shooter, DOOM 4 or simply referred to as DOOM.

It has been quite a long time since the previous iteration of DOOM. Judging from the gameplay footage that we saw, it appears like we will not see Aim-Down-Sights AKA ADS on any kind of weapon except Sniper Rifles which is something also seen 343 Industries’ Halo.

In addition to this, we also noticed that there is no automated HP regeneration in the game. Once a player loses some HP, he or she needs to acquire HP or amour pickup dropped by enemies. The same thing also applies to ammunition!

There is a wide arsenal of brutal executions (with reference to Execution Animations). Aside from frontal executions, there are aerial executions as well which require a player to drop on an enemy from above.

Bethesda announced that they are focusing on the verticality of the game and players will be able to traverse the world with a lot of freedom – there is a lot of grappling and double-jumping involved.

DOOM is scheduled to arrive on PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One sometime in Spring 2016.

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