Bethesda Free E3 Vinyl Figures Available On Ebay for Insane Prices

The E3 press conference has certainly started with a huge bang, as Bethesda yesterday announced some big reveals that included the likes of DOOM, Dishonored 2, and Fallout 4.

It’s a perfect start to what could be one of the best E3 conferences in recent memory. Bethesda handed out some pretty cute vinyl figures for free, related to the three big announcements. The attendees at the conference were given the figurines, and more sets were handed during the Q&A livestream afterwards.

If you were unlucky enough not to be there at the E3, you can actually get these figures on Ebay.

The three ‘toys’ are available on Ebay for a combined total of $300. That’s $100 a piece, which is insanity, considering they were given out for free. But hey, that’s how people are, and if bragging rights are a bigger factor for you than money, then by all means buy them.

Yup, the scalpers will surely get a 300% profit on these toys, so anyone wanting to make their Christmas arrive early can go ahead on acquire them.

Stay tuned for more news regarding the E3, as we bring you full coverage of the press conference.