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Horipad FPS Plus Controller Features Asymmetrical Sticks and Touch Pad

Japanese peripherals manufacturer Hori has announced a new Horipad FPS Plus controller, an improvement to the previous HoriPad 4 FPS model.

The controller features asymmetrical analog sticks similar to the Xbox design, a sleek metallic finish, and a focus on dominating your foes in any first-person shooting title.

A major difference between the new iteration and previous version is the inclusion of a touch pad. This was missing from the HoriPad 4 FPS, and hence made the controller pretty much useless for a few games that required it.

Based on player feedback, Hori has now improved the design of its FPS-dedicated PlayStation 4 controller. It will release in Japan next month for ¥4,580 (excluding taxes). While a release for the western audience wasn’t mentioned, the controller will surely cross the seas later in the year.

Here are the official specifications for the HoriPad FPS Plus. Note that the controller is also compatible with the PlayStation 3 as well.

  • Equipped with a clickable touch pad, it’s compatible with a wide range of games.
  • Metallic finish.
  • Affordable price.
  • The sticks apply constant pressure on the finger in order to ensure precise aiming.
  • Pressing the dedicated button on the back causes sensitivity of the sticks to be lower, allowing finer targeting. There are three levels of sensitivity.
  • Custom button mapping is possible.
  • Stick sensitivity has been improved, now movement won’t be sudden as soon as you move the stick a little, allowing smoother operation.
  • Turbo feature for directional buttons, face buttons and triggers.
  • Size: 62 mm × 115 mm ×63 mm.
  • Weight: 240 g (including cable), 170 g (excluding cable).
  • Cable lenght: 3 m.
  • It doesn’t include the light bar, the motion sensor and the headphone jack.
  • Compatible with PS3 as well.

Source Hori Japan