Dragon Age Inquisition MP Weekend Event ; New Patch Released

Dragon Age Inquisition has proven to be one hit of videogame for the year, and although we have other things to look forward to now, fans of the game still ahve a lot to keep them locked on.

Bioware has taken to the official website of the game to announce another weekly event alongside a new multiplayer update complete with all the patch notes you will need.

About the multiplayer event, the Nightingale has spoken out and shared the lore behind the mission which is interestingly called Mission Bees. Here’s what you should know:

When we made our arrangement with the beekeeper who supplies the Inquisition, it contained a promise that we would assist our ‘ally’ with a personal matter at a later date. The beekeeper now requests that we make good on that promise. When asked what he wanted, he simply tented his fingers and cackled, ‘Let them fly! Let them fly!’ Just smash as many jars as you can so we can get rid of this man. He’s starting to upset Josie.

The Nightingale ended the message with a request to smash as many jars as you can so that we can get rid of this man. This post has all the details you need on the event.

Mission Bees is going to last a couple of days from June 12 to June 15.

Moving on, over at the official forums of the game they shared some of the changes that have been brought to Potions, grenades, tonics, tinctures, and elixirs in Dragon Age Inquisition. Here’s what is coming:

  • Healing Potion healing from 385 to FULL!
  • Healing Mist Potion healing from 289 to 500
  • Rock Armor armor rating from 23 to 200
  • Fire Resist Potion from 50% to 60%
  • Cold Resist Potion from 50% to 60%
  • Tears of the Dead damage from 81 to 163
  • Antivan Fire damage from 46 to 92

So, are you still playing Dragon Age Inquisition?