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World of Warcraft: Blizzard May Have Leaked Patch 6.2 Release Date Accidently

World of Warcraft is pretty close to getting its patch 6.2 that will add plenty of new stuff to the game. Even though Blizzard said the update is coming “soon,” we weren’t given a specific release date for it.

However, while sharing a recent post about patch 6.2 related to its Timewalking feature, developer Blizzard may have given away a release date accidently.

If the post is any indication, the update will be released by the end of this month, likely on June 23.

The post, which has now been modified, previously stated:

The Timewalking dungeons are coming WoW with patch 6.2; Fury of Hellfire. The First burning crusade weekend, and thus your first crack at the Arcatraz, is June 26-28. Keep an eye out for the weekend-only quest “A Burning Path Through Time”, which rewards a Seal of Inevitable Fate when you complete five Burning Crusade Timewalking dungeons.

This indicated that patch will start rolling out, like I mentioned, by the end of the month. Since the first weekend event starts on June 26, June 23 is a safe assumption for its release.

The modification of the post on the other hand, suggests that Blizzard don’t want to commit to a release date until they themselves are 100% ready to roll it out.