NHL 16 – EA Sports Reveals New Goalie Control Features

EA Sports has revealed new information for the upcoming NHL 16 Ice Hockey simulator game.

The information is about the all new enhanced goalie controls, which will give you more options when it comes to performing critical saves.

According to their features page for NHL 16, players can decide whether to make controlled positional saves or attempt high-risk athletic saves. Both have their pros and cons, and with the new Precision Skating mechanics, the movement and inertial system makes everything very realistic.

Control the Crease
The fate of your team is at your fingertips with all-new enhanced goalie controls. Precision Skating captures the authentic look and feel of a goaltender’s momentum and precise movement as you control them in the crease. When the shots start flying, decide whether to make controlled positional saves or commit to high risk athletic saves that may leave you vulnerable to secondary chances.

In addition to the feature page update, EA Sports also updated their Ask EA page, with three additional questions regarding the goalie technology.

Can we expect to see any (big) changes for playing goalie, both in terms of gameplay and the overall experience?

Yes. In NHL 16 there is a brand new way to control goalies. We have added all new motion capture which allows for much more realistic motion when moving in the crease. You can now decide between controlled strides and longer t-pushes. If you want to track a single skater with the puck or push over quickly to track a cross ice pass, you now have the tools to do so. You are also accountable for your momentum so pushing back the other way in butterfly is different than pushing from a still position since you have to recoil first which makes you much more accountable for staying in control. We have also improved the ability to push into saves so that you don’t feel locked in or stopped by the AI.

Are there any goalie improvements this year like to the movement and save? And also when playing as them are there new saves for the button combos?

We are still finalizing the controls so can’t full comment on the new controls/abilities. However, in NHL 16 you will have more control than ever before when playing as a player controlled goalie. We have all new motion capture for goalies movement so that you can take both smaller strides and big t-pushes when you either want to re-position in the crease or make more committed moves to the opposite side to track cross ice passes. We have also put specific focus on ensuring players aren’t locked into saves when they want to continue to slide with momentum.

Is there anything new or improvements on Goalies (Human or Computer) in NHL 16?

Hey Johnny…in NHL 16 we’ve overhauled player controlled goalies as part of our efforts to make it fun to play from every position on the ice. You’ll now have new controls (which are still TBD in terms of button mapping) which will give a more authentic look and feel to the goalies. You’ll also notice that the AI goalies also have new animations and poses to refresh the look.

NHL 16 is set to be released in September this year for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The game is currently available for pre-order.