New Overwatch Gameplay Preview Shows Rocket-Friendly Pharah

Developer Blizzard has shared regular gameplay previews for different Overwatch characters, and each of them of was enticing and made me wish I had the game right now.

Another one of these previews is now available, courtesy of Blizzard, and it shows Pharah – the rocket throwing beauty – in action on the battlefield.

She is capable of throwing what seems like a million rockets throughout the match, and can be a serious force during combat. She is fast and can even quickly move around vertically on the map, thanks to her suit.

The gameplay video you see above is in 60fps, and will show you how rocket-friendly Pharaoh is. It is unclear if Overwatch is going to be free-to-play or not, but we know there won’t be any single-player campaign.

Overwatch will be entering a closed beta later this year, while a release date is yet to be finalized. What do you think of Overwatch? Can it be a replacement of Team Fortress? Let us know what you think in the comments.