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Mass Effect 4 Dev Further Teases Possible New Gameplay Mechanics

Mass Effect 4 has remained in the shadows for a rather long time, even though pretty much everyone knows that it is under development. It’s only recently that BioWare has started teasing intricate details about the game, and they’re doing it again via Twitter.

Senior Development Director Chris Wynn was busy perving over the game’s visuals just a week ago, and he again teased Mass Effect 4’s ‘awesomeness’ in a deliberately blurred shot of the game being reviewed on two TVs.

Fans obviously took the opportunity to try and dig in some more stuff, such as the possibility of selecting multiple races, but Wynn played the hush game and avoided answering. However, he did give indication of the possibility of ‘jumping’ mechanics to be included in the game.

Mass Effect was originally an Xbox-focused franchise and was subsequently released for other platforms later on. Many fans have been hoping that isn’t the case with Mass Effect 4. Chris also went on to confirm that it will certainly be a multiplatform title.

Mass Effect 4 is expected to be one of the hot revelations for the upcoming E3 event. BioWare should be teasing us with a reveal trailer, and hopefully some gameplay footage. The title is expected to be released for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.