Halo 5 Multiplayer Map Fathom Footage Revealed

Revelations of Halo 5 content are quickly gaining pace ahead of the E3 press conference next week, and more detail have emerged, this time focusing on the multiplayer map Fathom.

YouTube channel Ready Up Live were lucky enough to get some hands-on experience at the 343 Industries headquarters, and have released footage of how the arena in multiplayer works out in the Fathom arena map, which is set in an underwater facility.

This only adds up to the pile of information released in the past week or so, which also included the Halo 5 Blue Team story reveal, and also the Promethean Weapons list and Screenshots leak.

Halo 5 will have players playing as Spartan Jameson Locke as well as Master Chief. The former will be assigned to hunt down and exterminate the latter, and also attempt to unlock a mystery that threatens to destroy the entire galaxy.

More content for Halo 5 is expected to be revealed in the upcoming E3. Halo 5: Guardians is set to be released on October 27 for the Xbox One.