Dark Souls Mod Puts You in Control of Bosses

There’s a new mod for Dark Souls which makes all of its bosses playable, allowing players to take their pick and rain hell on the same beings that gave them so much trouble.

The creator of this mod goes by the name of DaTeHaCKs. Currently he hasn’t released it for the public, but instead is putting out videos where he is playing as different bosses against others.

You can catch a video above, and note that not only are you able to control the bosses, you’re also able to utilize the same set of moves that have been coded for them by the original developer.

Suffice to say the feeling can not be anything other than glorious. The monsters in Dark Souls are renowned for punishing players for even the slightest of lapse in concentration. The fights are brutal and extremely challenging. Hence, it can be understood why players feel such satisfaction upon a successful bout.

This new mod, though, brings about a new feeling of satisfaction. Not only does it have you take complete control of your choice of monster, it also adjusts the camera accordingly.

At the moment, there seem to be slight imperfections with the quality of the mod. The collision detection has issues, and players will have to be in extremely close range to land their attacks. Movement can be bugged sometimes and the fights can also turn glitchy at others.

Nonetheless, it looks extremely fun.

Source Reddit