Street Fighter V Gets New Details and Screenshots, Coming In March 2016?

Street Fighter V is expected to get an in-depth reveal at E3 but before we get to E3, we are provided with some gorgeous screenshots from the new title in addition to some new details.

The game was featured in the latest issue of ShortList, which reports that Street Fighter V features a brand new V-gauge, which apparently fills when you take hits. As soon as the gauge is filled, you can trigger a new move.

As an example, ShortList mentioned Chun Li being able to make stronger attacks, while Nash is able to teleport above or behind his opponents for a sneak attack after the V-gauge is full.

Another new addition is the V-Skill, which can also be used during the fight. For instance, Ryu is able to parry enemy attacks, while M. Bison is able to deflect projectiles back at the enemy.

We also have “Critical Arts” and “New Stage.”

Critical Arts – Flashy, multi-hit moves that can devastate an opponent. They’re unlocked after you fill the EX Gauge, which is done by causing damage to your opponent.

New Stage – For the first time in Street Fighter, London is a stage. “King’s Cross Station,” specifically. And it has trombone-playing Queen’s Guard soldiers roaming about.

It was also mentioned that SFV will not have any “Super” or “Hyper” editions, only new update will be released for the game, it is unclear if these updates will be free or paid.  The number of base roster will be somewhere between Street Fighter 3 and 4.

ShortList also suggested that Street Fighter V will release in March 2016 for PC and PlayStation 4.